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Meet Herman a CEO at a promising tech firm with fifty six worker bees and counting.  His business is growing so while he enjoys hurting hipsters, HR is just one of many things on his mind.  If he wants to stay competitive and attract top talent, he needs a better way to manage employment issues from payroll to human resources to benefits and then there's his neighbor Sherman.  An HR administrator for a restaurant group with dozens of locations across several states.  He has to stay on top of labor law and deal with issues like high volume hiring,  turnover and change.  Sherman needs a way to automate specific areas or his work so he is looking for a reliable technology platform that fits nicely with existing systems.


Herman and Sherman can each find what they're looking with StatEx which helps employers automate mitigate and manage the employment life-cycle.  Here's the thing about StatEx is friction free eco system that empowers companies in any size for small to mid sized businesses, start ups or any company with lean resources like Herman's.


StatEx is a one stop shop, for larger companies, StatEx delivers targeted automation to accelerate HR processes that are labor intensive or difficult to scale.


The E-StatEx platform automates HR functions into easily configurable tasks making it simple for employees to complete everything from time off requests to managing their own data with just a few keystrokes.  Information is available in real time which lets employers respond instantly.   And efficiently and it's so simple to use an organization can be up and running from the first week.


StatEx also helps companies mitigate risk.  If Herman or Sherman ever faces legal law issues including sticky situations, compliance problems or the need for representation, they are covered.  A highly trained service specialist will help solve an issue before it becomes a problem.


StatEx even maintains a partnership with one of the country's leading labor law firms so clients have access to legal advice without having to engage their own attorney.


In StatEx Herman and Sherman will find an indispensable partner.  If their workload is too great they can trust StatEx to manage some or all of their needs from everyday tasks to value added services that are best outsourced to an expert.


If you face similar issues it's time we meet because we'd like to show you how to automate mitigate and manage your own employment life cycle and create a truly friction free relationship that will power your business for years to come.


Visit or call us now and let's get started.



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