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"Working with Micros Retail Systems has been a real pleasure. I wish all my vendors were as helpful and proactive."


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Supplies Form

Roll Printer Ribbon
TMU Series Ribbon
1 Ply Paper
2 Ply Paper
3 Ply Paper
Thermal TMT Series
MagCards (Single)
SKIZIPS (Black Multi Colored)
Card Reader Cleaners

Do you know that poor Ribbon and Paper Products can cause your printers to breakdown.


Call us to learn about our 100% money back Guarantee on Ribbons and supplies.


What do we mean by 100% Guaranteed ?


We will guarantee every supply order with our hassle free/item return pledge. Should your order be incorrect, late, or unsatisfactory; simply return the products to us at our expense for a full refund or exchange.


Why buy approved products?


Historically customers have reported to us repeated problems with other companies' products; resulting in unnecessary failures, malfunctioning of the Micros equipment as-well-as potentially chargeable onsite service visits.


Same day shipping !!


We are now able to provide our customers with SAME DAY SHIPPING. Place your supply request by 3pm and we will ship your order that day.

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