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"Working with Micros Retail Systems has been a real pleasure. I wish all my vendors were as helpful and proactive."


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If you store, process or transmit credit or debit card data, you have contractual responsibilities with your Credit Card Provider.


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Customers feel more secure knowing that their credit card never leaves their possession, improves speed of service, no delays, just check out on your own.


The PayMyTab app relieves your restaurant of any EMV liability.  With no EMV liability, you eliminate charge backs or what some people call friendly fraud.


You will engage your guests by letting them split, check and pay their check right on their smartphone.


Diner-IQ is your tool to get a handle on marketing results.  Let me show you how this works:


Your guest log into their smartphone, your menu appears on their smartphone, certainly place orders  in the POS as usual, you serve the food and beverage the tab comes to the phone where they can split the check, add a tip and tap it out.  Once the check is closed, the POS receives payment that transaction will appear automatically in your credit card tab, yes it's that easy.


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