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Micros Digital Menu Boards



The Digital Menu & Marketing System is a turn-key hardware/ software solution that provides ability



                                                           Two large commercial TV's displaying menu boards

to interface to Micros RES POSsoftware using the menu board viewer, so that changes in menu information, prices and time of day menu offerings are reflected on the menu displays almost instantaneously.


Features & Benefits:


  • Solid state with no moving parts and closed construction with no vent holes or fans, for less down time
  • Compact size, allowing it to be installed behind the display and out of the way
  • Low power draw and low power consumption, saving on energy costs and supporting the environment
  • Quality, long life 24x7 displays rated 50,000 hours-half brightness, lasting more than five years
  • On-board sleep / wake timer that can be set for different on / off times, saving power and further increasing the life of the display
  • Five year, on-site, next day warranty
  • Full 1080p high-definition native resolution
  • Input signal auto detect, so displays automatically switch to secondary input if primary signal is not detected
  • Accompanying software tool allows for remote diagnostics and settings adjustment as well as mounting compatibility
  • Compatible with a variety of mounts

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                                                           Two large commercial TV's displaying menu boards

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