Micros - POS App Store

The Micros App Store was developed to meet the digital technology needs of the operator and consumer.

  • Connects operators to data and analytics
  • Connects operators to back of house management tools
  • Connects the consumer to mobile technologies


All POS Apps

Gift Cards and Loyalty

Labor & Human Resources

Online Ordering Delivery & Booking


Tableside Ordering & EMV

Analytics & Reporting


Spend more time on your business and less time typing orders

Como Sense

The data-driven technology behind the online giants to know your customers and personalize their experience

Customer Connection

TCC is the most innovative and experienced relationship marketing team available. We are in the business of competitive advantage


Increase your take-out, carryout, or delivery revenue exponentially.


Use data-driven prediction to optimise inventory and staffing, improve the customer experience, control costs and grow profits

Micros inMotion POS

Mobile, Actionable Data in Real Time with Oracle Micros InMotion POS Suite

Open Eye

Achieve a greater return on your investment with an online video management platform

Open Table

We love what can happen around the restaurant table


Ordermark lets you easily handle multiple online ordering services


PayMyTab eliminates chargebacks and turns your EMV investment into revenue


Full self -ordering kiosk software solution. Facial recognition to expediently recall past orders and automatically credit customers with their loyalty points

Reporting & Analytics

Enterprise cloud solutions that organizes and consolidates business critical data into easy to viewreports and dashboards


A payment solution that goes beyond simple transactions

Tip Reports

A cloud-based application designed to provide employees a fully transaparent view of their restaurant's tip-pooling system and schedule'


Digital Ordering for the Future


Easy to use scheduling software designed to help you save time, reduce labor costs and improve staff communication