Inventory Management



This enterprise solution provides tools for the daily tasks associated with managing in-store and company-wide inventories.

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Inventory Management offers cumulative, daily and ad hoc reporting related to ordering, receiving, waste, inventory counts and more. Reports are provided by items, vendor, store and enterprise.


Features & Benefits:



  • Simplifies store-level processes and optimizes inventories
  • Enables managing inventories at either a single cost centre or multiple locations
  • Comprehensive running and daily totals for


    • Purchase order summary
    • Receipts summary
    • Inventory status
    • Reports by store, enterprise, vendor and/or item


  • Compatible with electronic data interchange (EDI) and third-party applications from suppliers like Sysco and other broad-line food service distributors
  • No installation at store level required
  • Works through a web browser
  • Secure data transmission and storage

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