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There was a time when scheduling was manual on paper or on Excel with no immediate sight of the real costs until later, often too late.


So we introduced our unique people system dedicated to the hospitality industry, providing HR tools, raters and payroll in one single solution so then you can view your daily labor spend clearly and immediately delivering significant savings and unique efficiencies.  So that's all done, big tick.


So what's next, now it's time for the next generation demand forecast and productivity tool, zero guesswork, zero unnecessary spend to help maximize your revenue, now you can change the conversation from daily and weeky wages to target ideal hours to ensure you get the right stuff in the right place at the right time.


Accurate forecast will drive everything to predictable quality of service, we can help your forward plan and make accurate decisions calculating every fifteen minutes responding to an immediate year and on year trends weather and local events.


Our user friendly technology can even help start swap their own shifts or request time off at the touch of a button so our big promise, this solution to maximize revenue and profit margins still further deliver more happy customers, reduce waste recruit and retain the best off and keep the manager out front with the customers.


Our new technology is essential and easily implemented, delivering accurate management information and forecasting for better decision making.


Fourth is proud to present labor productivity for the hospitality industry, easy to implement and is where your next 2% is coming from.



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