Take Control of Your Security with ReportStar



ReportStar is a web-based  service designed to give you peace of mind in knowing your video surveillance system is working properly.  Use ReportStar to check on camera  images, system health, alarm history, or the remaining recording space on any of your recorders. All your  surveillance system's information is at your fingertips with e-mail and SMS notifications of critical alerts, periodic system operation summary  e-mails, and an online portal to view advanced reports.






  • Receive notification of critical health alerts
  • Easily monitor the status of all your surveillance systems from virtually anywhere
  • Verify that your cameras are working properly with day/night image reports
  • Receive daily, weekly or monthly e-mail reports on the operation of your systems
  • Create "view only" accounts for employees or managers to prevent them from making any changes
  • Select the events or alerts on which you wish to receive notification



With ReportStar, determining if your surveillance system is working properly is easy and painless. You can be as involved with the management of your surveillance system as you want. Schedule e-mail messages to be sent to you on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis with overviews of your recorders' operation. Receive alerts, via e-mail or SMS, of critical events which may affect the performance of a system. Log in to ReportStar online to see detailed system reports or review day and night images from your cameras to verify that their view has not been obstructed or altered. Never worry about the reliability of your surveillance system again, with ReportStar the answer is only a click or e-mail away.

ReportStar provides the tools to help you understand and maintain your security system better.



Critical Alerts


Define critical system events for recorders and receive e-mail or SMS notification any time one occurs.

View in-depth reports for all your recorders detailing:


  • Hard drive health
  • Recording errors
  • System operation





Set the number of minimum days of video retention and receive notification if this standard is not satisfied.



Average Recording Duration


Camera day / night image reports are updated daily and can be reviewed for image quality or compared to saved reference shots.



Day/Night Images


Camera day / night image reports are updated daily and can be reviewed for image quality or compared to saved reference shots.



Scheduled Reports


Receive automatic e-mail reports periodically updating you on the health of your systems.



Device History


View detailed reports on the alert history of any recorder.