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ADA & WCAG2.1 Compliant

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ADA & WCAG2.1 Compliant




We have made every effort to make sure our website is accessible to individuals with disabilities and in order to meet ADA (American Disabilities Act) and WCAG 2.1 (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines), we have implemented many important changes to all of our web pages.    Since there are too many of them to list, we will outline some of the most visible ones, among them, you will now find:


  • Users have the ability to control Font properties on each web page by:
    • Increasing Font size
    • Decreasing Font size
    • Apply Normal Font size
    • Change Font Contrast to any Font size selected
  • For all Media, Graphics and Links
    • Added Text Alternatives and Non-text content
    • Added Content on Hover and Tooltips
    • Added Descriptions and Links to Graphics
  • For all Videos:
    • They will not autostart
    • Users have the ability to control as to when to watch them
    • Users can Start/Pause/Stop them
    • Where needed, we added subtitles
    • Where needed, we added transcripts
  • We added Footers and Site Menus for easy navigation
  • We added more links to make it easier to access menus and other web pages
  • All .pdf documents have a link to a text document in .html format
  • Keyboard Navigation
    • Press Tab
    • To open sub menus and drop downs, select ALT+ Down Arrow keys


If you have a disability and have difficulty navigating our website, report it to our web site administrator by clicking this button Contact Us  and please provide the URL address or Page name and describe the problem you experienced, make sure to add your name and phone number.


We welcome any suggestions and recommendations to make our website accessible, please contact us.


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Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG2.1) white and yellow logo
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